In Praise of Big Love

Dear Nick,

I am writing to you this evening to express my deepest thanks for the publication of Big Love. I would have written sooner, but I kept having to wipe away the tears from my eyes…


I know now what it means when they say something is an auspicious event, because you have done justice to Lama Yeshe’s remarkable life, which is quite an achievement.

I celebrate tonight, knowing full well that in times to come, all those who meet Lama through this book will be meeting his Great Love, and Wisdom. They will be connecting with the Mahayana Dharma, and incalculable benefit will surely come from that.

A little into the second volume, I suddenly realized that I was holding a sacred object in my hands. It is the result of millions of virtues, those of Lama Yeshe, and his teachers; those of his students and benefactors, and the faith, and love and devotion of all those who worked over the years to bring this project to completion.

My deepest thanks to Adele, to you, Nick, to Lama Zopa, to the editors, designers, and printers, and all those who have added to the creation of this sacred work.

With gratitude,

Jason Espada.

Lama Thubten Yeshe, Glorious Holy Being,
May I always remember your example and your teachings,
and aim to develop the same qualities as you in myself:

Just as you have done
May I fully realize the Mahayana Heart –
the love and compassion that cares for all beings
as a mother does her only child;

May I always remember
Your Joy, Intelligence,
Clarity, and Immaculate Purity;

May I aim to develop the same qualities as you –
The Concentration and Wisdom that cuts through all illusion,
and realizes Perfect Freedom;

the Great Confidence and Power to overcome all obstacles;
that Creative Ability to adapt to all circumstances;
and the Great Happiness and Fulfillment in the Dharma and in helping others;

May I always remember
Your Great Vision for the Mahayana Dharma;
Your Profound Faith and Devotion;
Your Generosity;

Your ability to provide shelter and safety to others,
as well as your Courage, and Ferocity when needed;
and, following after you,
may I produce every single one of these same qualities in myself

May I always remember
Your Warmth and Gentleness,
Your Great Peace and Well Being,
Your Healing Energy,
and your ability to always uplift and to encourage others

Em Ah Ho! How Wondrous!

May this greatly fortunate one, following after you,
always cultivate these same ways of being in this world

May all my actions always please You
And as much as I can, now and forever
may I fulfill your holy wishes