Metta and Readings on the Mahayana – Introduction

There is a natural connection that exists between the teachings on metta, from the Theravada Tradition, and the Mahayana…


When we cultivate loving kindness and compassion we come to realize that what all our loved ones need is inner freedom, the peace and well being that come from the realization of their true nature. At that point, organically, effortlessly and without contrivance, we dedicate our own practice to accomplishing the temporal and ultimate aims of all those we care for, in this whole ten directions world of ours.

Tracing out the teachings historically, we’ll surely find many examples of criticism, back and forth, between the Theravada and Mahayana, and I’ll leave that for others to sort out, if they want to try to do that. As for myself, I find it more fruitful to focus on what each of these two great traditions offer to the world, as best exemplified in our precious teachers. I also find it very useful to work with the practices that cultivate love and compassion as they’re been passed down in each lineage, strengthening the foundations of all we would do in this world. When we do this, we may find, as Je Tsong Khapa said, that

Upon realization,
all teachings prove to be without contradiction…

*     *     *

I’ve had it in mind for some time now to record a second series of Buddhist teachings to share with others.

{My earlier recordings can be found here.}

All of the collections with the word ‘readings’ in the title have been assembled for that purpose. I would still like to record these, but with the way things are in the world now, I thought to share these sets of teachings, with the hope that others will benefit from them, as I have, and in even greater ways than I have.

Especially now,
May we all be blessed by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
Saints and Noble Sages,

May we all practice well, accomplishing the result
of lasting peace and well being,
freedom and joy,
and share that with all our family,
in all the world

From Metta and Readings on the Mahayana