A list of things that are healing

Beauty is healing
and love is healing
and peace is healing

and laughter,
and kindness is healing


the friendliness and warmth in a voice
and gratitude and wonder are healing

friendship is healing
and human touch, when there is love,
is healing

drawing on the strength of our ancestors is healing

having balance is healing

natural light is healing
enjoying the peace, freshness
and joy of a new day

Our blue sky, and the magnificent oceans,
and the trees,
and flowering plants,
all the wonderful colors and scents of the earth,
these are healing

and all our family in the natural world,
mammal, bird, insect and fish-
all these infinitely precious ones –
these are healing…

fresh fruit, and vegetables, grains and bread, and homemade soup
give to our bodies and to our souls the power of the sun,
and the pure rain

all of these are
healthy and beautiful
and if needed, they are healing

food cooked with love is healthy, life giving
gifts given generously with love are divine,
they are health and life itself
and if need be, they are healing to us all,
the whole circle

children are healing
with their beauty, and purity,
and playfulness and wonder,
with their overflowing joy
they are angels among us…

Friends and family, kindred spirits,
beautiful souls, delight of the world, wherever they go
these are healing

Grandmothers and Grandfathers,
with their kindness and gentleness and wisdom are healing

Mothers and Fathers with us even now
these are healing

optimism, looking up,
and having a great aim
this is healing

patience and gentleness,
smiling to ourselves,
and to each other
this is healing

our dreams are healing
our visions, and our sacred songs,
our dances,

the awe and wonder we feel,
knowing the Divine
this is supremely beneficial,
this is supremely healing

and art is healing
need I say it? –

all of these gifts,
the loveliness of one thing done well,

with great care, and with boldness too…

what wonders!

and on and on it goes…

music is healing

these and more
all of it,
all of it, healing

make your own lists today from these bright oceans…
from all this wonder and joy…

the artist’s vision
is health
it is life
it is healing

sacred places, such as this one, healing
loving animal companions, healing

angels and ancestors,
now and recalled to mind
these are healing

learning about people of good will,
and stories of heroes and heroines,
famous or less known
these are healing
and how these gifts continue – oh!

Traditions are a source of healing
Saints and great teachers are healing
and our faith and devotion connects us to them

Oh Great Song!,
Ethics, meditation and wisdom,
prayer, mantra, and samadhi,
these are healing

wonder, joy and celebration,
and gratitude
these are healing

stillness, and quieting the mind,
and thinking, rightly used too
these are healing

honoring the tremendous richness of oneself and others
this is healing

breathing in and out
and smiling
with an awareness of our body and our feelings
with gentleness,
and with great love
this is healing