Essays on the Frank Espada Archive

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The notes and essays in this collection were written over the last couple of years, as I’ve prepared for events, and communicated with scholars, curators, and representatives from universities. In a few cases, I’ve included something just because it has a family story or two in it.  Perhaps all together these will help someone who is interested to get a fuller idea of who my father was, along with his own writing, and his art, of course.


The linked essays can be viewed on this site, accompanied by my father’s photographs, or read as text in the pdf.

1. The Artist As An Activist

2. The first thing you need to know about my father

3. My Father’s Son

4. A Sketch of of Frank Espada’s life

5. From Eugene Smith to Frank Espada

6. Two stories by Frank Espada

7. Opening remarks at the Tribute to Frank Espada, hosted by John Santos,
August 9th, 2015

8. Towards a Useful Definition of Latino Art

8. The Puerto Rican Diaspora – Documenting the Puerto Rican Experience in the 20th and 21st centuries

10. Frank Espada’s Social Documentary Photography in the 1990’s

11. The Glory of the Good Fight

12. The barest outline of a Master

13. How things change

14. I Become We – A Confluence of Rivers

15. Twenty-three sixteen – a letter to the future

Essays on the Frank Espada Archive

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